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Day 2 - February 15

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The CandyMan, in his pieces, being assembled! Malaki Keller holding the gumball head, Kevin Coppa doing the body, and feeling the heat! But with a great smile!

In the long line for the Masquerade, all types of costumes and imagination at play. A great (but blurry) Klingon Femme Fatale.

Now we're behind the stage and in the back halls of the theater. The next pic is out of place, but it was Erin upon getting to me after winning the Masquerade. She was just so happy!

Check out the Dalek picture ot the right, there is a very tiny, remote-controlled Dalek at the foot of the large one -- too cute!!

More of the Daleks, both newborn (lol) and "don't mess with me" size. And a few of the varieties of Cybermen through history. Of course, a great little video Erin took of the tiny Dalek cruising the hall. Love it!

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