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Picking up badges Thursday evening prior and then Day 1 - Feb 14

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Here we are again. We picked up our badges and stayed most of Thursday evening for the ice cream social, and to bump into some friends. February 14, first day, Erin attended in "Attack of the Super Models" (Crimson Horror quote from the Doctor) cosplay. Later, in the Dealer's Room and Autograph areas, Scott wanted to greet John Levene, (Sgt. John Benton) fromthe Classic Era. Quite the animated individual, a non-stop joke cracker, and warm individual. We enjoyed the visit! He loved Scott's cosplay as the Delgado Master, the Master from his era of the series. And he loved Scott's hair!

These are some of the panels we attended, Prop Making Techniques with the guys, and Prosthetics and such, with the gals. The Prosthetics panels was thoroughly enjoyable, but really, they all were! On the right we caught up with Scott and Vickie Sebring again. Scott Sebring provides his wonderful talent non gratis making professional quality photogrpahs of all and any attendees that wish them done.

Visiting with Vickie, who is dressed as Osgood, from the 50th Anniversary episode, Day of the Doctor. Center, a (John Pertwee) 3rd Doctor, a clockwork android (The Girl in the Fireplace), myself as Novice Hame, and Scott as Delgado Master.

The littlest ones were invariably intimated by, but still curious, about this mom- and dad-sized kitty. Ian and Heather cooling their heels while waiting for their photo session with Scott Sebring. Scott and Scott discussing the various aspects and techniques Scott S. uses while doing the shots, etc.

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GallifreyOne - 25 Glorious Years

The three of us still discussing trade, a shot of the Dealer's Room with Matthew Waterhouse (Adric, companion to the 4th and 5th doctors - Classic Era) in the foreground, and a shot down the hall towards our room.


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