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The original vest (eBay). Erin decided the easiest thing to do was to modify an existing one, and as she already had this vest and liked the fit, we bought a second. And, Erin has never sewn before either, except for minor (or major, depending upon how you looked at it) hand stitching.

Erin found material that matched closely the color of the existing vest (Joann's), and it had a very subtle appearance that looked a bit like lizard skin, rather appropriate. We fitted the additional material on to the vest as she was wearing it, as this was also a custom fit. We spent a lot of time trying to make things even and centered. We increased the size of the chest, adding a lot of fullness above, but retaining the waist-hugging properties of the original vest, and to keep to Jenny's look. Erin also covered all the original buttons holes and added the new buttons (Joann's), and holes for them. The Brother machine was a joy to use!

The pattern within the new material helped with the embroidered appearance of Jenny's vest, but Erin also decided to embellish/enhance that look with some braid that closely matched the color of the vest.

Additional shots of the front. Erin carried the extra front material and additional braid down and around the bottom of the vest, lengthening the vest appropriately for the proper appearance of Jenny. She also carried the extra all the way around the back of the vest, working it precisely so that the tapers in front and back were symmetrical and even.

For Cosplayers - Erin's Jenny - The Outfit

We exhausted our tack stores trying to find the correct looking set of jodhpurs, but nothing was available. It is an older style of riding pant, and most everything now is close-contact tights. Those weren't going to work for the look that she wanted. So, Erin found a pair of men's Dickies in a close color, and we needed to buy a very large size so we could create the breeches seat look, which is rather wide. That would be accomplished by pulling in the waist considerably. She also modified the legs to cinch tight by cutting out extra material and attaching velcro to close it around her calves. Black straps were added to act as stirrup straps at the leg bottoms.

Erin had a lot of leather (Tandy Leather) left over from a TF2 Sniper cosplay she made, so she fabricated the contact patches inside the legs. In the right pic you can see how much waist she pulled in and stitched to draw in the waist. She just simply pinched it in and stitched it. She also added the detail buttons along the side.

UPDATE: We have since found and bought a vintage set of jodhpurs that are perfect for the outfit, so those will be used from now on.

To complete the outfit look, Erin wore my Ariat riding boots.

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Erin's Jenny - The Outfit


Erin's Jenny - The Sword Frog